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Parish Meeting 19th May 2021

Thanks to everyone who attended the Annual Parish Meeting on 19th May. The draft minutes have now been published under Parish Meeting / Agendas and Minutes for review. https://www.clothallpm.org.uk/agendas-and-minutes The accounts were approved at the meeting and the accounts and associated documents have been published on the website under Finance / Annual Accounts. https://www.clothallpm.org.uk/annual-accounts  

Next parish meeting – 19th May 2021

The next parish meeting will be held at 7:30pm on 19th May 2021 at Weston Village Hall. The draft agenda is available under the parish meetng section of the website. Due to Covid restrictions, numbers in the venue are limited so anyone wishing to attend please email . Places will be allocated on a first-come, […]

Mailing list subscription

We have now added a mailing list subscription form where you can sign up for email updates. This will enable residents to receive all notifications electronically. Please refer to the mailing list link in the navigation menu.

Neighbourhood Plan

The Neighbourhood plan for Baldock, Bygrave and Clothall has been published. More details can be found on the planning group website: http://www.bbplan.co.uk/site/ This will be subject to a referendum vote on Thursday 6th May at the same time as the local elections. Please take a look at the plan and vote accordingly.

Parish Meeting 27th January 2021

Thanks to everyone who attended the Parish Meeting on the 27th January, again via Zoom. As previously announced, Rachel was having to step down as chair as she was moving away and Rachel formally resigned at the meeting. Helen Howard was nominated as the new chair and was elected unanimously. We also had new positions […]

Parish Meeting 25th November 2020

Thanks to everyone that attended the Parish Meeting on 25th November, again online. As noted previously, we need to elect a new chair and unfortunately no new nominations have been made. Our current chair, Rachel Kelly, agreed to be re-elected as a temporary measure until a new chair can be found or alternative arrangements made. […]

Parish Meeting 23rd September 2020

Thanks to everyone who attended the online Parish Meeting on the 23rd September. The minutes of the previous meeting on 25th November 2019 and the accounts for 2019-2020 were agreed and both have been posted on the website. Sadly, our current chair Rachel Kelly advised that she will have to step down as she will […]

Covid 19 restrictions

Due to restrictions put in place due to the global Covid 19 pandemic, Parish Meetings will have to be suspended. Once further clarification has been obtained, in particular regarding the holding of online meetings, new arrangements will be put in place. Residents on the mailing list will be informed by email and notices will be […]

Parish Meeting 25th November 2019

Thanks to everyone who attended the Parish Meeting on the 25th November. The minutes for the previous meeting on 14th May have now been agreed and posted on the website. The accounts for 2018-2019 have also been agreed and posted on the website.